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Molds Desing
Plastic Injection Molding
Supplies Free-Pass

Assembly Post-molding Mounting

After the production and the quality does not end nor our work, we perform post-processing and molding services both for organization and logistics.
The important experience acquired in these years of activity in the field of Finishing Service in the various sectors is highlighted by the completeness of the service provided and the loyalty of our customers.
We are able to deliver the finished product in free pass directly to the distribution network of the customer.
- Packaging and assembly of customer's specific requirements
- Tampon printing: work island area with turntable assisted by automation and machine

- Ultrasonic Welding: workstation area with various fixed and portable welders online

- Chrome plating and metallization

- Painting

- Vibration Welding and Hot Plate Welding

- Working with conventional machine tools and machining centers

- Check and functional tests